What People Say

Hi June,
I hope you had a great holiday. Just wanted to send you an email telling you what a lifesaver the Sleepover has been.
We are currently in Noosa on a 10 day holiday. We have been here three nights and I could not be more thrilled with how our 7 month old is sleeping. She has had difficulty sleeping since she was born and was just starting to get into a routine before we went away. (So I was dreading what the different environment – including a portacot – would do to her settling process.) It turns out that I had nothing to worry about. She slept 9 hours straight the first two nights and 12 hours last night. Her day naps have also been great – she settles quickly and is clearly very comfortable.
I know a number of other factors (including her age) will be contributing to this. However, I strongly believe the Sleepover has had a significant impact in helping her relax and get to sleep.
Thank you so much for selling such a great product.

Kate Jones

July 2017

Hi June
Just wanted to say how grateful I am for your product! I was so nervous about my 10 month old sleeping (or not sleeping) in a portacot, but he slept the best he has in ages.
He normally wakes a few times a night, but sleeping in the portacot he only woke once and slept an extra hour in the morning!
We are heading off on a cruise in a couple of weeks and I know he will sleep just fine thanks to your product.


6 Jan 2017

I first discovered The Sleepover 10 years ago when I had my first child, it was a godsend for when we travelled and need to use a part-cot. I continued to use it when my second child was born 4 years later. In my role as a Baby Sleep Consultant, I assist families who are having sleep / settling issues with their infants. I recommend the Sleepover to every single family that I see. Porta-cot bases are so hard and uncomfortable which means babies and toddlers really struggle to have a decent quality sleep. The Sleepover brings instant comfort to babies and toddlers for porta-cot sleeping and is one of the essential items that every parent should have. The Sleepover uses secure fastening strips at either end, meaning that once fitted it cannot be removed by an infant, so provides parents with absolute peace of mind that their baby / toddler is not only secure, but completely safe. Having used it myself for many years, I can confidently recommend The Sleepover – it’s simply a brilliant product.

Maryanne Sayers

Baby Sleep Consultant

“Hi June
Just wanted to tell you how amazing The Sleepover padded fitted sheets are. They are by far the safest products on the market and have made the portable cot I use for my beautiful grandchildren so much more comfortable.I would like to personally thank you for your prompt service.
I would recommend The Sleepover padded fitted sheets to everyone. Regards Jenny ”

Jenny Donnelly


Dear Junippers, Thank you very much for The Sleepover!
It is a great product and I just wanted to let you know I love it and think it will make a big difference to my daughters sleep in the portacot. No more lugging soft blankets to put in for her to sleep on. Thanks again.


Coromandel Valley SA 5051

“The Sleepover is fantastic, just what I needed. Very soft and excellent to go over the hard base of the portacot. I will be telling everyone about it. Thank you”.


Bundoora, VIC

Hi, I just wanted to write and tell you that, with The Sleepover, you have created the most fantastic, simple and useful product that we appreciate every time we use it. I am a mum but also a business owner who has admired what you have created and thought it might be nice to tell you as we always love the feedback we get. So congratulations and thank you.


“Hail to The Sleepover! What an ingenious, easy to use super safe and easy to clean product. I have received MANY thanks from parents saying their child has slept wonderfully in a portacot with The Sleepover. A highly recommended product”.

Hire for Baby

Gold Coast, QLD